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GOE Huntingdog1 0 Kommentare · Likes · Gefällt mir · 29th Dez 2017
How to meta your commanders up [WIP]
Hello. In this thread I'll be discussing commander meta in 0.22 and onwards. How to customize and in what vehicles each commander should go in creates a lot of possible outcomes, that's how it is, but I think we can narrow the choices for each commander down to just a few, hell probably even just one optimal setup.

I'll focus on bringing out the best stat results on each commander with a more or less extensive explaination behind my choices. Some commanders currently heavily overshadow others or are be completely useless as far as I'm concerned.

I'll try to start with the best ones and end up with the most worthless ones to make sure you choose the best piece of meat on the table first. I won't realistically expect to ever complete this thread since the meta is always changing and commanders may be nerfed or buffed to usefulness in the span of a week. here it goes.

Tip #1: The numbers before every perk are the order in which I unlock them, they of course go up to 15 and if one has multiple numbers beside it it just means I got multiple of those.

Tip #2: There is a colored patch number beside every commander: If it's ggreen than that means it's the current (and therefore most recent) PTS/Stable version of the game, if it's red that means it's not the most recent and therefore may not be accurate anymore (so I'll have to modify it).

Philipp "You can't track me!" Holtzklau Stable version: 0.22.4245

I chose this commander to describe first because let's face it, most of you are Main Battle Tank players. You'll require a commander to hopefully not get eaten alive as much in 0.22 and onwards. You're gonna get battered left and right from basically any other class and this absolute tank of a commander is by far the best one to weather that storm of incoming fire.

(1) Maxed Out IV (Core Perk)

This commander is all about that fat repair speed Core Perk he gets. It goes up to around 40% at max level and trust me when I tell you it's a lot, it's as if you had a pioneer toolkit retrofit always on your tank and it really, really helps not only in PvP/Glops where a fast firing MBT like a chineese/russian one can permatrack you to death but also in PvE where you have a lot of incoming fire in the frontline and the less all your equipment stays offline and the better your survival chances and ability to do damage increase.

(2-3) Careful Storage I

In a meta where an ammorack can easily shave 40% of your health off in one fell swoop without counting the damage the shot dealt which set it off, having more ammorack health is vital for a tank that supposedly takes most of the incoming fire due to you know...being an MBT. There's two of these so you'll end up with a nice 25% extra ammorack health once you unlock both.

(4-6) Anti-Material Explosives II

Sometimes one shot is not enough to do what you want. Jamming a turret ring, immobilizing a target or just reducing the effectiveness at which it can hurt you as fast as you can is something every MBT should have, and that's what these two tier 2 perks do, they'll sum up to 21,8% extra module damage, very respectable in the new meta.

(5-14) Fire When Ready II

If anything can fire more sanic, then it should. This perk does just that by increasing the reload speed and by getting both of these in the commander you'll eend up with a 2,2% reload speed buff with no prerequisites. Not much I know but they're easy enough perks to grab.

(7-8) No Deaths I

Ever had a Thermobaric ATGM enter your tank and leave you with 66% of your crew in marmelade form right after using a med-kit? This perk will help you deal with that by increasing crew health overall, making it harder to knock out. Unlocking both of the perks will result in a 12,6% crew resilience increase and hopefully not have you crawl at 30 km/h around the battlefield and only down slopes in your poor Challenger with a dead driver for the rest of the game.

(9-11) Personal Example II

Crew stats are important even without a loader, getting perks to boost that even by a small bit can sometimes make the difference between a dead tank and you with one extra hole in yours. That's what both of these do and unlocking them both will grant you a 1,8% boost to crew skills.

(10) Giant Killer II

Damaging enemy crew is just as important as keeping yours safe, making this perk quite convenient to grab since it's litterally surrounded by other crew-focused skills. We only get one on this commander but who in their right mind would not get himself an extra 10,9% crew damage ?

(12) Gunner Lessons I

This is the only skill on this commander I'd consider to be a filler, since it's basically the shortest route to better stuff. It does very little for your vehicle since it will reduce dead gunner debuffs by 6,3%.

(13-15) Texas Duel II

The faster you can aim and the better of a shot you can take in not-so-calm situations where speed is key to not turn your tank into swiss cheese. Unlocking both of these perks will provide you with a respectable 8,8% buff to your aiming time.

Overall Lvl. 15 Philip Holzklau stats:
  1. Repair Speed Increased up to 40%
  2. Ammorack HP increased by 25%
  3. Module Damage increased by 21,8%
  4. Reload Speed Increased by 2,2%
  5. Crew resilience increased by 12,6%
  6. Crew skills increased by 1,8%
  7. Crew Damage increased by 10,9%
  8. Injuried Gunner Debuff decreased by 6,3%
  9. Aim Speed increased by 8,8%

Sabrina "Bad Biach" Washington Stable version: 0.22.4245

This commander was a mess in the first playable PTS interations, now it's really worthy of this second spot as you can basically fit her to anything that's not an MBT or a Terminator-type gunboat. She will satisfy your camo and spotting needs more or less appropriately but what she really shines at is making anything getting targeted by her regret its life choices and it all comes down to her perk options.

(1) Anti-Material Explosives IV (Core Perk)

Does this commander really need all this explanation as to why it's a keeper after seeing what her core perk is? Holy shit! She can realistically get to 50% extra module damage at level 15 and really, really make everyone and their dog driving an MBT hate her.

(2-3) Camouflage I

Not really much to say about this, I mean it's camo. 4% more camo may seem small to you but it means the world to a non-MBT. It can make the difference between getting spotted and pelted or not getting spotted, or maybe just have enough camo for you to shoot twice before having to get the hell outta dodge.

(4) Eagle Eye II

This one to me is a skill that may even be more important than viewrange in the new meta. What makes AFVs really bothersome to light tanks and tank destroyers is the fact they get a module reducing the effectiveness of camo the enemy can use, making them get spotted sooner than them even after firing and therefore resulting in said non-AFV getting absolutely fucking murdered. 6,6% less enemy camo thru foliage is a meaty perk to me and definetly something to aim for in a non-MBT.

(5) Vigilance II

An extra 8.8 meters of viewrange for a non-MBT, need I say more?

(6) In The Shadows II

Everybody knows how important camo is now in the meta, and it's BEAUTIFUL. This skill makes it even better. I don't know if this extra 6,6% camo from camouflage is either modifying the camo % of bushes or is an outright addition to said percentage, but it's good shit nevertheless.

(7-8) Giant Killer I

More crew damage on a vehicle that is meant to do more damage than recieving it. An overall 12,6% extra crew damage is very welcome.

(9) Texas Duel II

A 4,4% Aim Speed improvement is always good.

(10) Giant Killer II

Same deal as before. 10,9% extra crew damage on a tank that is supposed to do a lot of damage is always nice.

(11) Driving Lessons I

Basically a filler perk to get to the mobility ones, I guess it could be useful if your driver gets shot and you don't have a medkit but not by much.

(12) Mobility II

Better hull traverse is always good, especially on non-MBTs

(13) Perception II

Extra turret traverse is nice on basically all vehicles, but it's basically icing on the cake on a vehicle with a lot of turret traverse already like most non-MBT which can get quite a bit of degrees out of that.

(14) Smooth Drive II

Ever got Tracked&Fucked in your non-MBT? Well this skill is sometimes gonna make enemies require more than one shot to do that. It's nice to not get Tracked&Fucked you know?

(15) Timely Cleanse II

I decided to put this after Smooth Drive for the simple reason that if I had to choose between getting tracked&fucked and having my gun knocked out in my non-MBT I'd choose the former. very useful skill but there just was better stuff to get instead.

Overall Lvl. 15 Sabrina Washington stats:

  1. Module Damage Increased by up to 50%
  2. Camo Rating increased by 4%
  3. Visibility thru foliage increased by 6,6%
  4. Vision Range increased by 8,8 meters
  5. Crew Damage increased by 23,5%
  6. Aim Speed improved by 4,4%
  7. Cannon Hitpoints increased by 21,9%
  8. Ammo Swap Speed improved by 15%
  9. Tread and Wheel HitPoints increased by 21,9%
  10. Turret Traverse increased by 3,5%
  11. Hull Traverse increased by 3,5%

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